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Quantum Leap offers
tailor-made team training

Once we’ve identified your potential through analytics, we will develop a comprehensive and detailed report to assess the specific needs of your practice. Quantum Leap offers tailor-made team training based on your unique objectives. We offer training in a number of areas, all of which are designed to deliver the optimal patient experience.

Areas of Training

Quantum Leap offers training in multiple areas, including:

  • Front office systems
  • Filing insurance claims
  • Case presentation
  • Treatment acceptance
  • Hygiene and recall
  • Leadership for office managers
  • Dental assistant duties
  • And much more…

Creating Accountability

Every member of your team should be aligned to a common purpose. In dentistry, that common goal is always customer service. Team members must be individually accountable to providing the best possible patient experience. To help your team make that change, we align paradigm to principle by asking and observing:

  • How do you interact with patients? Are you impatient and condescending or are you service driven?
  • What actions can be taken to improve the overall experience for every patient?
  • What results do we wish to see once behaviors and actions have been changed?

The concept is simple: When we improve our approach, we can improve our results. When every team member begins their day with the intention of delivering excellent customer service, we can anticipate optimal outcomes.

Increasing Profitability
Through Efficiency

We assess existing policies and systems, measure them against the data that we collect, and use that information to promote change. This approach helps us identify the best opportunities for growth. For example, how often are you answering the phones? How often does a phone call lead to a new patient appointment? What are some things we can do to increase that number?

Because every practice is unique, each one will have specific goals that can help drive them toward success. Training through Quantum Leap can help you:

  • Improve phone and communication skills
  • Increase patient acceptance through effective case presentation
  • Schedule appointments more effectively
  • Set realistic daily production goals
  • Reduce the number of failed appointments
  • Increase patient retention
  • Optimize your recall schedule
  • Promote your practice through marketing
  • Increase the productivity and profitability of your practice

By designing a custom training plan, we can help you create a more positive atmosphere for your patients and increase revenue like you never thought possible.

Learn More about Consulting with Quantum Leap

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