Dental Provider

Natalie McLean

Business Development Associate

Natalie is no stranger to the dental industry. Her father was a dentist in Kentucky, where she grew up. In addition to spending much of her childhood in his office, she also went on to become a clinically trained RDA. She also has a BA in business administration with a focus on marketing.

As a dental assistant, Natalie had the unique opportunity to see Quantum Leap at work firsthand. The practice where she was employed utilized Quantum Leap consulting and doubled its revenue in the first year. “I just thought it was so incredible,” says Natalie. “To witness that much growth in just 12 months was amazing.”

When asked what makes her such a good fit for the Quantum Leap team, Natalie said, “I just have a real passion for the dental field. I’ve lived it, breathed it, worked it. I was the only child out of eight who had a diastema. I underwent orthodontics to address the problem. After that, I knew I wanted to help other people achieve the smiles they wanted.”

Because of her background, Natalie has a knack for relating to clinical teams. Her hands-on approach has helped countless clients enhance their skills and take their careers to the next level. Natalie’s coworkers describe her as goal-driven and organized. When asked about her success as a consultant, Natalie said, “I never hesitate to celebrate. It’s important to acknowledge wins and encourage each other.”

When she’s not working, Natalie can often be found in local animal shelters. She has four dogs of her own, and she loves taking road trips with them. She also enjoys spending time with her family back in Kentucky.