Dental Provider

Craig McVey

Analytics Specialist

Craig has been working in dental consulting for 14 years.  After completing his undergraduate work at Cal State University in Sacramento, he received his Executive MBA from the University of Phoenix in Hawaii. He has also obtained his Professional Certificate in Human Resource Management.

As an Analytics Specialist, Craig brings a unique perspective to your practice. He understands that dentistry requires a different business model compared to other industries. His knowledge and expertise help clients become more profitable while still maintaining excellent dentist-patient relationships.

Recently, Craig started working with a small practice that was producing a little over $500K per year. In 18 months, Craig helped the client double production without working more days or hours. The practice still maintains a level of over $1 million in production every year. And according to the client, he enjoys more family vacations than ever before!

Craig views his clients as partners and enjoys celebrating their successes. He loves to stay in touch with his clients and has maintained friendships with many of them for over a decade.

When asked how Quantum Leap is different from other consulting firms, Craig said,

“Quantum Leap was founded on the principles of existing practices. The methods utilized by Dr. Kesner were already practical, proven, and successful. Furthermore, our leadership is open to advancing as the industry changes.”

Craig grew up in northern California and dedicated much of his time to competing in triathlons, including Iron Man. He currently resides in Tucson, AZ with his wife, who is a dental assistant. When he isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his children and cheering on his son, who is a flourishing musician.