Dental Provider

Candace Schultz

Analytic Marketing Consultant

Candace spent over 25 years in clinical dentistry before becoming an Analytic Specialist at Quantum Leap. After graduating from Bucks County Technical School, she started her career as a DA and eventually became the lead assistant in the practice. Candace was able to drive growth by creating efficiencies with her back office team.

Her clinical experience is what sets Candace apart. “I can help our clients because I’ve been where they’ve been. I understand what it’s like to work in a dental practice every day.” Candace works closely the QL consultants, developing assistant training modules and helping them interpret the analytic data from a clinical perspective. “When it comes to running a practice, working together is the most important thing. When everyone is on the same page, goals can be accomplished faster and more effectively.”

Candace brings a spirit of fun and positivity to Quantum Leap. “I’m a really non-judgmental person. So, I think people come to me for advice because they know I can put myself in their shoes.”

When she’s not working, Candace enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors with her husband and two kids. She currently resides in Pennsylvania.