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A unique time-tested
approach that works

Consulting exists to elevate your business and optimize your success as a professional. But not all consulting firms are created equal. As a dental practice owner, you want a team of experts familiar with the industry. That’s why Quantum Leap vets team members with both business and dental backgrounds. We use our unique, time-tested approach because it works. We were founded on the principles of existing successful practices – and as the industry evolves, so do we.

Patient Experience

How Dentistry is Different

In business, quality of customer service can be measured in many ways. In dentistry, however, it all comes down to one thing: patient experience.The only thing that can be measured by your patients is how they felt while they were under your care.

Because of this unique model, dental consulting requires a different approach. Quantum Leap provides dentists with an unprecedented opportunity to grow their practice. Since there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, we routinely employ data and analytics to develop a custom plan that fits your own goals and vision.

Discovering Growth Opportunities

Using Historical Data to Set Goals

Our recommendations are data-driven. We analyze the historical data of your practice, then benchmark against those findings. This provides the greatest opportunity for growth. By using this approach, we’ve helped practices double the number of locations in just a few years.

Customer Service

Aligning Your Team to a Common Purpose

To be effective as a team, your employees must have a common purpose. In dentistry, that common purpose should always be customer service. It is the most significant predictor of success. We offer onsite, hands-on training to help create systems and processes of accountability and show your team how to deliver optimal customer service every single day.

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