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Leap to the Next Level with Analytics for Dental Practice Growth

Many practice owners have clear goals in mind, but don’t know how to properly measure the success of their operations. Analytics uses factual information to help you increase profitability and efficiency. At Quantum Leap, analytics is an integral aspect of our consulting and training services.

How Practices Measure Success

Predicting growth through historical data

In most cases, owners measure the success of their practice by the amount of money in their bank account. For example, if there is a profit once all expenses have been paid, it’s considered a victory. While this may be true, this only measures what has already happened. Learning how to predict growth through historical data helps you identify areas for advancement.

How Analytics Can Help

Analytics allows us to see how your practice is performing in real time.

Rather than measure success exclusively by past events, analytics allows us to see how your practice is performing in real time. This is significant because it allows for prompt course correction. We also use analytics to identify historical data. We can then use that information to help us understand which lead indicators have contributed to your lag measure.

Analytics helps us ask:

What happened?
Why did it happen?
What should we do about it?

What Now?

A customized approach to training to influence behaviors that deliver results.

Once we’ve identified the data, what do we do with it? First, we can use the information to develop revenue KPIs and a supporting logic tree. Next, we can pinpoint the demands and capacity measurements of the future.Most importantly, we incorporate analytics into our training and consulting. Once the lead indicators have been determined, a customized approach to training is created to influence behaviors that deliver the results we want.

Learn More About Analytics

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