dr mike kesner teaching clients about quantum leap success in dentistry About Quantum Leap Success in Dentistry

Is your practice providing the income you want? Has your practice declined or plateaued? Do you need more new patients? How would it change your live to have a partner to help you double your practice and reduce your stress?

A Letter from Dr. Kesner

Why do only a few dental practices have enormous success, while others struggle to get by every month? Do you feel like your income is too low for your level of education and the risks you assume as a business owner? Are you ready to make the changes necessary to change your practice and change your life?

The practice of dentistry is much too difficult and stressful to barely squeak by financially month after month.

When you come to my seminar, you will learn the answers to these questions first-hand. I know the answers because I have been there, too. After 15 years of trying and failing to build a financially successful dental practice, I decided to call it quits.

So I sold my practice.

This lead me on a journey that included a murder, a “Made-For-TV-Movie,” and the Oprah show. In the end, I finally discovered how to create unbelievable success in dentistry.

At my Double Your Practice, Change Your Life seminar, I will share the secrets I learned to build a multi-million dollar dental practice. I will show you the strategies I used to transform a financially struggling practice, producing only $675,000 a year, to producing over $4 million a year. I then went on to add 12 more from-scratch practices, producing a total of over $20 million a year. This rapid growth landed me on the Inc. 5000 Magazine list five years in a row as one of the fastest growing businesses in the nation.

You may not want 13 practices, but you probably would like to double the one that you have. Register for our next seminar and I’ll show you how you can be one of the hundreds of dentists who have already accomplished this.

Yours in health and success,

Dr. Mike Kesner, DDS

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